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Mrs Viviane Reding

Message from the patron of the “Inspiring Woman of the Year” & “Top Company for Gender Equity”, Mrs Viviane Reding, Vice – President of the European Commission, responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, on the occasion of the inaugural edition of the Awards, 8th of March 2012.




Laureates of the 2015 "Inspiring Woman of the Year" Award

Le 4 mars passé, en présence de Mme Corinne Cahen, Ministre de la Famille, de l’Intégration, et de la Grande Région, a eu lieu au Parc Hotel Alvisse un événement de taille: la célébration de la Journée de la Femme par l’Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club.

L’événement a réuni plus de 350 personnes durant toute une journée qui a démarré par une intervention de la ministre sur la thématique « Concilier vie professionnelle et vie familiale » et a, par la suite, proposé une série de 9 conférences captivantes sur les Tendances 2015 dans le développement personnel, gouvernance d’entreprise, développement personnel, coaching, tourisme, habillement, fiscalité, recrutement.

S’en est suivi un Networking Cocktail, qui a permis à des personnes de divers horizons professionnels de se rencontrer, de lier des connaissances et de se tisser un réseau. L’occasion également de rencontrer des gens de différents endroits de la terre : Grèce, Italie, Roumanie, France, Belgique, Luxembourg… Mais également des Russes et des Chinois… dont faisaient partie des nominées…

Créés en 2011 par l’entrepreneur Clara Moraru, les trophées «Inspiring Woman of the Year» sont placés sous le patronage de M Xavier Bettel, Premier Ministre et de Mme Viviane Reding, ancienne vice présidente de la Commission Européenne. Ils ont comme objectif d’offrir de la visibilité aux « role models » féminins du Luxembourg et de la Grande Région. Remis au cours d’un Dîner de Gala, les trophées furent cette année attribués comme suit :

Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club Award in Finance: Ming Gao, CEO de ICBC Luxembourg

Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club Award in Corporate: Edith Magyarics, CEO de Victor Buck Services

Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club Award in Entrepreneurship: Sylvie Regnier, Gérante Tésal S.A.

Toutes les nominées avaient un parcours professionnel particulièrement intéressant. Le jury était composé d’environ 30 personnes venant d’univers différents. Le vote a pu être effectué par internet, grâce à un lien personnalisé. Le processus a été validé par Maître Maria Muzs, du cabinet Wolf and Partners.

Le repas s’est poursuivi dans une ambiance excellente, et clôturé avec l’arrivée du gâteau, qui couronna le 7ème anniversaire de l’Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club.

Quelques photos… Quelques pas de danse… Chacun est rentré chez soi la tête pleine de projets…et des paillettes plein les yeux.

Lors de la soirée, les nominées et les lauréates ont pu prendre la parole ; toutefois, elles seront à nouveau invitées à le faire lors d’autres événements, dans leur domaine. Le prochain aura lieu le 6 mai, à la Société Générale, avec l’« Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club » sur le thème des Femmes dans la Finance.



La FFCEL fête ses 10 ans. Joyeux anniversaire!



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The most inspiring entrepreneurs from Luxembourg - article by Clara Moraru


13 pieces of advice for those who wish to become entrepreneurs by Clara Moraru

13 pieces of advice for those who wish to become entrepreneurs

by Clara Moraru


1. When you start your business, your time will be shared between being a janitor, accountant, marketer, webmaster, director, sales person etc.

Be aware of the large amount of  admin tasks you personally need to do. You can hire (if you have a good starting capital) professionals, but they will rely on the info you give them, because you are the only one  who knows what you want to give birth to.


2. Don't spend too much time & money at the very beginning on your promotional material because your business (products, services) will evolve and you will need to adapt them to your clients' needs.

I personally started in Luxembourg with interpreting services, and now, more than 10 years later, interpreting is a very small part of the business.


3. Give the business 2-3 years to break even and eventually become sustainable. Even though you carefully prepared the move to entrepreneurship, you will need time to get the business running smoothly, position it in the market according to you, make it known etc.


I meet quite a lot of people with great ideas who quit after a year, which means they were sure it would work in less than 12 months.


In Luxembourg, people are conservative. Therefore, they will not suddenly change their providers just because you are brilliant (ok, sometimes they do!). People need time to think it over, and contracts are usually signed in advance (some companies try providers for 3 years), so it takes time.


Be prepared for the worst case scenario!


4. Focus on one thing!

If you are a creative entrepreneur, then you have, undoubtedly,  more than one idea up your sleeve.


What I found the most challenging at the beginning is focusing on just one thing. I had received so many business proposals from friends or unknown people... At the beginning I was taking the time to meet everyone and listen to what their ideas were, and some, indeed, were very good ideas with a business potential. However, you cannot do it all, and if you try to do more business because it “sounds” good to be a serial entrepreneur, you risk ending up  bankrupt.


Learn to say NO to (other) great ideas than the one you decided to start a company with , and focus on your own great ideas for a while. Personally, I need to focus for  5-7  years before starting a new project.


5.  Do some market research!


When you start your business, it's usually (also) because you did some market research and found out that your idea/service is great and could bring some real added value.


What usually happens is that we tend to do this market research among our friends and family; even though they find our idea/service fabulous, they will not (automatically) be our customers. So rather than base your decisions on your friends' /family's feedback, carefully identify your target group and ask them how they find your idea and how much they will be willing  to pay for it etc.


I remember, for instance, when I was doing my MBA at Sacred Heart University, Jack Welsh College of Business (, one of the alumni, Roger Assaker, came several times to present his business concept to us and ask us, among other things, about the name he should chose for the company, which later became e-Xstream engineering. The company is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on state-of the-art multi-scale modelling of complex multi-phase composites materials and structures (PMC, RMC, MMC, nanocomposites, hard metals, etc), and is very successful not only in Luxembourg where it is based, but also worldwide.


6. Be careful with free work and favors to friends, acquaintances or people you just met.


Your friends and colleagues are (generally) great supporters of your business. They appreciate your expertise so much that some of them might ask you for your services, and you will not think it’s appropriate to invoice them or even to mention it (at least I wasn't!). However, at the beginning you will realize that doing  favors for  friends takes a lot of time, time which consequently,  you don’t spend with customers or potential ones.


Personally, I am good at giving advice to (new) entrepreneurs and startups about how viable an idea is, how to set up the business, how to identify the right target group, how to position their business in comparison  to their competition etc. And I have done this job so many times for free. Don't make the same mistake, and focus rather  on reliable customers!

I remember one time I had two people interested in setting up a crèche in Differdange, but who didn't know anything about the business. They wanted me to educate  them on  all the necessary legal requirements and steps that needed to be taken  to set up the business. It was quite a lot of work to do for them in a very short time. They were really enthusiastic and seemed eager to start working properly on the project. After the first consultation, I asked them for an advanced payment to guarantee that I wouldn't end up doing all the work for free or running after them if they wouldn't pay. Over the following  weeks they continued  asking me  for more meetings, but since they didn't pay the initial invoice, I decided that I would put the project on hold. Needless to say, they never paid me nor did they eventually set up their business.


7. Start your business as young as possible.


This doesn’t mean that if you’re more mature you shouldn’t do it. It’s just that when you are young, you are more flexible and don’t have a lot to lose. If business idea number 1 doesn’t work, there is a whole world of possibilities, and you can do something else instead.


8. Entrepreneurship is not a part-time job, or something you can do in the evenings or week ends. Therefore, my advice to you is that if you are serious and passionate about your business idea, you shouldn't take a day job and try to start up your business after work/at the weekend.


If you take a day job, it means you will give most of your time to something else rather than your own business. If you only invest 20% of your time (especially after 8 hours or more of work in a different job), you cannot expect to get  100% results, but only 3% results.


9. 20% of your customers will bring you 80% of your business. It’s not me who invented this rule, but it’s true.


You will always have some loyal customers who love your product/service and will come back (regularly) for more. And then you have those clients who make you “invest” so much time in selling them a rather inexpensive product, that, by the time they (finally!) decide to buy it, you have already lost your entire margin.


For example, this summer, for’s 10 year anniversary, we discovered (when offering a 10€ discount for each camp attended) that one child has attended our camps 20 times between 2009 and 2014. That’s what  I call a loyal customer!


10. Pay a lot of attention to pricing! It is related to your positioning and to the quality of services you wish to propose and deliver.


I’ve met many new entrepreneurs who tell me that they have adopted a lower-than-the-market pricing at the beginning in order to win their first customers, and in time they will adjust it.


It could be a good thing if you are selling something individually. But when we’re talking about a company, your pricing will say a lot about the quality of your service. In the era of discounts, people tend to negotiate more and more.


My recommendation is to offer different prices or packages with different added values.


11. Be prepared for clients who do not pay!

As you probably know, when you work with businesses in Luxembourg, it is common that the client pays within 30 days.  Personally I have had clients who paid sometimes 6 to 9 months later. The bigger the company, the bigger the chance that they will pay you later.

Even though this is common practice, there is big risk that clients won’t  pay you your due. To avoid this problem, you need  to ask them from the beginning for an advance payment, either 30-50% or  the whole amount, depending on your business and prices.


I will  never forget how in 2004 I was very close to bankruptcy, which was finally avoided by the client paying. There was a company called Administration Immobilière de Luxembourg, active in the administration of buildings in Luxembourg, with about 40 employees. They signed a contract with for English, German and Luxembourgish language courses for their employees, and 3 of our teachers were very busy delivering the training at their premises. After the first month, we invoiced the client based on the attendance sheets and were waiting for their payment. 40 days went by and we started to send reminders. 50 days went by and I begancalling yet  never managed to get hold of the director. I asked the teachers who saw  him sometimes to insist that he pay  to which  he would answer "Yes, of course we will pay you; we are totally aware how important it is especially for start ups (like us at that time) to have enough cash...” Not once did he say that he wouldn't pay. Finally, more than 90 days later we received the payment. However, a few days later he disappeared with all the company’s money. He went off to Congo, the company went bankrupt, the service providers were never paid and the employees were left jobless.


You may  ask why we didn't stop providing the services when the payments were late? Well, when you are in the first years of the company, you need the work, you need the referrals, and you try to be professional and flexible. You might get impressed by big names and think that "there is no way they wouldn't pay me!" However, this happens often and you need to be prepared in advance. Better to lose a client because he gets upset that you asked for an advance, than do the job and not be paid afterwards.


Pay attention also to the scams that are becoming more and more frequent in recent  years. Only last month we had a potential client who was trying to make us believe that his intensive German training (worth about 6,000 EUR) would be paid by cheque by the United Nations , and he was asking us for a lot of company bank details for this so-called cheque , even though we informed him that we do not accept cheques. This is just a way of making you believe that you will eventually be paid by a big organization that is usually bureaucratic and slow in paying things. Be very careful and demand advance payments from all clients, no matter how big or small.


12. Become part of different clubs and associations if possible before you start your company (although it's never too late!)


On the one hand, you can test the market. By talking to people who know nothing about you or your business, you will be able to see the genuine interest that your offer stimulates in your conversation partner(s). On the other hand, it will help you to better structure your ideas and the way you present and market yourself. Last but not least, it might also help you get your  first referrals and eventually your first customers.


I hear very often new entrepreneurs saying that they will wait for 1-2 years "until the business is up and running" before they would consider joining a club or association.                                        In my opinion this is a mistake because if there is a period when one needs to be as connected as possible, it is when setting up a new company. Although joining a club means some costs as one needs to contribute by paying a membership fee, you have to look at it as an investment in your company's long term success.


Budget  this investment into your business plan! I personally think that it is a mandatory investment because it helps you  get immediate exposure to a group of potential clients, partners or collaborators. In addition, depending on your business and the club that you will be joining, you will have the chance to meet other people going through the same challenges as you, or who have been there already. It is also important that you do not isolate yourself in your office when you start your business, but rather spend the maximum of your day outside because your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur is to find clients, and you are your business's best business card!


13. People's time and money are limited and precious. Therefore learn not to waste it!

Not because someone has time will they always listen to you (remember the elevator pitch concept?), and not because they have the money will they buy your products or services. Therefore, learn to communicate what you have on offer while keeping in mind the question the person in front of you is naturally thinking: "What's in it for me? Why should I spend my time listening to you?"

Time is money, in any kind of business. Take care of it, respect it, and others might then do the same with your time.


Inspiring Wo-Men sponsors the participation of a student in the Leaders School

Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club and sponsor the participation of a student, Alex Catalin Rosianu, in the LEADERS School which takes place in Predeal, Romania.

Here you will be able to follow his daily experience during the Leaders School.

Day 5: 3rd March 2014

The founder of a very good and very fast-growing company came and spoke to us about how to manage conflicts & problems. Also, he explained why money isn't eveything, how he made his first million of dollars and how he actually spent it on the following year. He explained us why to achieve performance. 

I really liked how Leaders School combined leadership in every succesful job, meaning they invited also film director Stere Gulea, the author of 'Morometii' and 'Sunt o baba comunista', by giving us so many different leadership perspectives, just to prove us that leadership has the same language no matter what job you do. Then, as a surprise we were told to pack our bags, though a small one, because we were going to simulate a business! We had no idea at all what it was all about, we just packed and took the 8 pm bus, as planned. We arrived to a location about 30 minutes from Predeal to a...bread factory!!! 

At that moment it was clear for us what we will have to do, but... not really. We had to 'own' the company for a day, to create our own team, to make a business plan, to define a strategy and most importantly... produce bread! 

We all haven't slept at all that night at all. Until 4 o'clock in the morning all plans were made, all tricks were learned from the company personell, and we started producing bread and other groceryes that we had to prepare, make their shape, put them into the oven, cool them, clean the bread, and then put all the products into plastic bags. It already sounds difficult enough, but it was all about teamwork, how we divided the tasks, who calls the potential clients, who makes the bread, who makes flyere for our bread, how to build a stand and much much more. What an amazing day, what an amazing weekend!! 

At 6:30 in the morning, the first shipping was ready and then at 10:30 all the bread was cooled and ready to pack and sell. Leaders School decided to test our business skills in Romania's beautiful city of Brasov, right in the city center. We gatered all the stuff, organised ourselves as good as we could, and by the end we were extremly close to beat the deadline and the profit line we established before cooking. Wow, I couldn't believe how they tested our teamwork and our capacity to sell something!!! They really admired us how we handled things despite small arguments we had regarding that.

They say that Leaders School can change your life, it did change mine, it showed me something new, new people with different views that inspired me. I would highly recommend this school to everyone. As they asked us, I hope I will apply well all I've learned here and I'm sure I'll keep contact with all the people I've met! Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity!!!!

Day 4: 2nd March 2014
Today was a really royal day! We had the honor to have in our presence His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania who spoke to us in a fantasticly clear way about how to be a good leader, about the problems Romania should manage better and how today's youngsters will contribute to an amazing improvement of our country, Romania. Also the Sales director from Ursus Romanian Breweries and his 4 member managers were present today and explained us how to manage good employees, how to build friendship with managers and employees, how to build a culture in a company, how to 'explain' a brand, how to avoid conflicts by having a good management and reward system, how to be patient until reaching a high point in career, and much more in a very easy to understand way. 

Those 30 questions me and other participants of Leaders School asked the Ursus team made us understand better how a big company works and how to keep it working on the long way. The final speech of the day was given by military infantry member Roman Vasile, an admirable person especially because he made us understand that hard work and strong will is needed not necesarly for succes, but for reaching our goal(s). Considering the fact that all the participants want to become leaders, he also mentioned that without respect a leader is not followed and that a boss is good, but is not a leader, because a boss makes himself listened by using authority while a leader makes himself followed by influencing people into why he is right. It was another excellent day!

Day 3: 1st March 2014
Day 3 was all about communication, we were asked why do we think communication is important for us. In a very interesting way a personality test, namely DISC, matched perfectly with a challenge where supposed teams had to gather, discover common points and express them as if they could exist in a country we could have and lead. There were 4 different teams, each having its own country, where we defined why our country is beneficial and why other members from other countries should join us. Afterwards we found out that our personal test matched the ideology of our country that me and my collegues created, making it clear for us that we have common objectives and opinions. We were asked also what do we want or expect from ourselves, a very interesting way of stimulating our imagination. Most of us discovered that we do not know what we want and expect exactly from ourselves, and also we did not know who we are. We then all answered those questions we wrote on a post-it, and the answers to our answers were posted on a mentor's blog. A very interesting method in my opinion.

A Romanian TV producer, Irina Pacurariu, then joined us and explained in a very clear way why we should be natural and be ourselves, how to act in a different environment, and -very importantly- that nothing is as it seems. A day full of surprises, challenges and full of new information. It's pretty odd how the enthusiasm from first day lasts until today!! I know that tommorow will be an excelent day considering Prince Radu of Romania will come to meet us and also the sales director of Ursus Breweries. Soooo exciting!

Day 2: 31st March 2014
On some post-its we were asked to write something that all other people do not know about us (without writing our name of course) and on other pieces of paper what do we expect to achieve at the end of the week. 

We started by considering making a "must" list. 

We were explained that a leader does not exist without followers plus a situation which formes leadership, we learned that a leader creates itself and that anyone can be a leader. We had then to mention three people that influenced our life. The next experiment involved explaining three life lessons and then 3 values that define us. 

The Gallup team then arrived, with our Clifton Strenghts finder result, where we were explained our top 5 talents that resulted from the test we took before attending the Leaders School. We took several breakes, while we waited for the directing HR executive from BRD Group Société Generale; the speech was interactive and lasted 4 hours; it was very interesting and captivating. We had dinner and before suggesting other free time activities the Leaders' team told us we can send postcards to our friends or family and also not to forget to like them on Facebook.

It was a truly amazing day, full of events and new ideas!

Day 1: 30th March 14

Day 1: the preparation day. Everything started by gathering all the people in one conference room, in which we have found a folder to keep until finish; afterwards we had to pick a seat where we found a small bag with different publicity materials. The presentation started with a speech from the founder of Leaders Foundation. Then we were asked to write on an arrow divided in three, a symbol which we think it could describe us, and below the symbol, in the 1st segment of the arrow, a date of an event that marked our life, in the 2nd arrow field, same symbol with a second date that marked our life. After everyone has drawed his symbol, we had to step up, present ourselves, and explain why we have chosed that symbol and what the three dates that marked our life mean exactly. After rounds and rounds of applauses we have been presented the facilities we are provided with during the Leaders School.



Lauréats Inspiring Woman of the Year & Inspiring Man of the Year 2014

Plus de trois cents personnes ont participé à l’hôtel Parc Alvisse Luxembourg à la troisième édition de la Cérémonie de Remise des trophées “Inspiring Woman of the Year” et “Inspiring Man of the Year” 2014 organisée par le club d’affaires privé Inspiring Wo-Men en partenariat avec ESSEC Business School afin de reconnaître et mettre à l’honneur des modèles qui inspirent et influencent de notre communauté.

Cette cérémonie, organisée à l’occasion de la Journée Internationale de la Femme, est l’initiative de Clara Moraru et est placée sous le haut patronage de Viviane Reding, Vice—Présidente de la Commission Européenne et parrainée par Xavier Bettel, Premier Ministre de Luxembourg.  

Les lauréats, qui ont été désignés à la suite du vote du public (50%) et du vote du jury (50%), sont les suivants:

Inspiring Woman of the Year dans l’Education: Pascale Vielle (Université Catholique de Louvain)

Inspiring Woman of the Year dans la Finance: Véronique de la Bachelerie (Société Générale Bank & Trust)

Inspiring Woman of the Year dans le Corporate Business: Jacky Beck (Utopia Group)

Inspiring Woman of the Year dans l’Entreprenariat: Lieve Nuyts (Lunchtime)

Inspiring Woman of the Year dans le domaine Social: Danielle Diamond (LGVI Luxembourg)

Inspiring Woman of the Year dans la Science, technologie & recherche: Catherine Larue (BioBank of Luxembourg)

Inspiring Man of the Year: Mein Georg (Université de Luxembourg).

Félicitations à tous les nominés et lauréats!



Docler Holding - sponsor of "Inspiring Woman of the Year" in Technology and Research

The Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club is proud to inform you that Docler Holding is this year's sponsor of the "Inspiring Woman of the Year" Award in the category Technology & Research.

The nomination process for the 2014 Inspiring Woman of the Year Awards in all categories is now open will be closed on the 15th February 2014 at mid-night (Luxembourg time). The vote of the public will take place between the 15th February and the 2nd of March 2014.




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Meet our Members!



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Participation confirmée de la Ministre de l'Egalité des Chances à la Cérémonie des trophées

La Ministre de l’Egalité des chances, Lydia Mutsch, nous fera l'honneur de faire le discours d’ouverture à la Cérémonie de Remise des Trophées «Inspiring Woman of the Year» & «Inspiring Man of the Year» 2014 et elle remettra le trophée «Inspiring Man of the Year 2014».


Appel à candidatures


Appel à candidatures pour les trophées “Inspiring Woman of the Year” et "Inspiring Man of the Year" 2014  


- Une femme qui inspire ses collaborateurs et collègues avec ses idées, dynamisme, engagement et mérite une reconnaissance de la part de la communauté afin qu'elle puisse inspirer encore plus de personnes?

- Un dirigeant d’entreprise qui se distingue par un soutien significatif de l’égalité des genres dans le cadre de son organisation ? 

Les nominations pour les trophées “Inspiring Woman of the Year” et "Inspiring Man of the Year" sont désormais ouvertes sur et seront clôturées le 1er février 2014.

Les trophées sont décernés dans les catégories suivantes :

 Inspiring Woman of the Year

- Social & community work : décerné en 2013 à Luisella Moreschi (Femmes Développement),

- Dans l’entreprenariat : décerné en 2013 à Léa Linster,

- Dans la finance : décerné en 2013 à Murielle Antoine (BNYM),

- Dans le monde corporate : décerné en 2013 à Sophie Mitchell (Deloitte),

- Dans l'éducation : décerné en 2013 à Anita Drohé (Institut Technique d’Arlon),

- Dans la science, technologie et recherche : décerné en 2013  à Saskia van Uffelen (SA Bull NV),

Inspiring Man of the Year : décerné en 2013  à Michel Raffoul, arendt services.

Les nominations pour le trophée «Inspiring Woman of the Year» et «Inspiring Man of the Year» peuvent être faites par des associations, fédérations, entreprises ou particuliers, avec l'accord de la personne nominée. Les votes seront partagés à 50 - 50% entre le public et le jury.

Les trophées sont placés sous le haut patronage de la Vice-Présidente de la Commission Européenne, Mme Viviane Reding, et sous le parrainage du Premier Ministre du Luxembourg, M. Xavier Bettel.
M. Nicolas Schmit, Ministre du Travail, de l'Emploi et de l'Economie solidaire fera le discours de bienvenue et remettra le trophée dans la catégorie Corporate world. 


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Participation confirmée de l'Ambassadeur d'Espagne

SE Arturo Avello Diez del Corral, Ambassadeur d’Espagne, vient de confirmer sa participation à la Soirée des Ambassadeurs du 23 janvier 2014. Encore quelques places disponibles, n'attendez plus pour réserver la votre! 



Inspiring Wo-Men vous fait danser à Salsa Paradies à Saarbrucken

En tant que sponsor de Salsa Paradies, le plus grand festival de salsa de la Grande Région qui aura lieu le 18 janvier 2014 à Saarbrucken, Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club a un certain nombre de places pour membres, partenaires et amis.
Si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre à cette belle occasion, merci de nous contacter rapidement par e-mail (


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Clara Moraru from Inspiring Wo-Men @ State Street Bank - article in The Chronicle


State Street Luxembourg - Professional Women's Network Panel Discussion


An integral part of State Street’s people strategy is Global Inclusion: a company-wide effort with the aim of fostering an inclusive, creative and fulfilling work environment, where employees feel valued, engaged and respected. A fundamental pillar of this strategy is State Street’s commitment to promoting diversity across all dimensions and to developing a diverse talent pipeline. 

One of the many initiatives on State Street’s diversity agenda is to promote and support internal employee networks and affinity groups. Open to all employees, these networks bring employees together around a common goal, creating volunteer, career development and cultural opportunities. State Street’s Professional Women’s Network (PWN), brings together more than 20 chapters across the globe, connecting thousands of employees on topics such as career development, personal branding and working and parenting.

State Street’s local Luxembourg PWN was established at the end of 2012, and recently hosted a panel discussion with external women speakers in their offices, on 21 November 2013.

For this panel discussion, State Street was honoured to welcome the following highly regarded and successful women leaders, each covering the following topics:

- Vinciane Istace, Human Capital Partner at PWC Luxembourg, sharing initiatives and best practices undertaken within PWC as they have evolved along their journey to promote diversity and women in leadership within their organization;

- Carole Miltgen – Entrepreneur and CEO of her company PRISMA in the financial sector, sharing her experience and challenges to run a company, manage staff and develop business;

- Clara Moraru – leading Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club, sharing her networking initiatives and insight into women’s associations in Luxembourg.

The panel provided interesting perspectives on the above topics and openly shared their personal and professional career experiences. The panel also engaged in an interesting discussion and debate with State Street employees attending the event, exploring further some of the social challenges facing women in the workplace, as well as actions that could be taken to pave the way for increased gender equality and more women in leadership roles.

Photo (L-R): Carole Miltgen (CEO, Prisma), Sonia Biraschi (General Manager, State Street Luxembourg), Clara Moraru (leading Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club), Rachel Hamen (CFO, State Street Luxembourg, Ireland and France), Vinciane Istace (Human Capital Partner, PWC Luxembourg) and Tracey Ries (Head of human resources, State Street Luxembourg).


Link : ...


Meet our members: Catharina Biver

Meet our Members: Catharina Biver from Sparx Leadership, a very dynamic and inspiring lady who can help you and your team members develop your potential, "repackaging the dull ones to be inspiring and fun", and infuse management messages with energy.


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Please meet Antonella Salerno, one of Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club's amazing members, partner of C&S Cortese Salerno Law! Read her story and get some inspiration!



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Documents à télécharger :

Magazine Full Final Version Oct 2013.pdf


Luisella Moreschi, 2013 Inspiring Woman of the Year in the category Social and community service

 Today we invite you to discover Luisella Moreschi, elected 2013 Inspiring Woman of the Year in the category Social and community service.

Tonight 17th October 2013 is taking place Femmes Développement's annual Charity Dinner at which Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club will donate 2300 EUR for a very good cause.



accenture Luxembourg received the 2013 "Top Company for Gender Equality" award

Congratulations to accenture Luxembourg who received yesterday the 2013 "Top Company for Gender Equality" award from Nicolas Schmit, Luxembourg Minister for Employment and Immigration, Murielle Antoine, managing director, Bank of New York Mellon, 2012 Top Company for Gender Equality, and Clara Moraru, Founder of Inspiring Wo-Men.



Article Luxemburger Wort - 27th June 2013



Inspiring Wo-Men a déjà 5 ans - article in Le Quotidien, 25.06.2013


2013 laureates2013 laureates


The recipients of the 2013 "Inspiring Woman of the Year" & "Inspiring Man of the Year" Awards

 The recipients of the 2013 "Inspiring Woman of the Year" & "Inspiring Man of the Year" Awards are the following: 

- Inspiring Woman of teh Year in the Corporate: Sophie Mitchell, Deloitte Luxembourg
- Inspiring Woman of the Year in Education - Anita Drohe, Institut Technique d'Arlon
- Inspiring Woman of the Year in Entrepreneurship: Lea Linster
- Inspiring Woman of the Year in Finance: Murielle Antoine, Bank of New York Mellon Luxembourg 
- Inspiring Woman of the Year in Social & Community Service: Luisella Moreschi, Femmes Developpement Asbl
- Inspiring Woman of the Year in Science, Technology & Research: Saskia van Uffelen, SA Bull NV Benelux
- Inspiring Man of the Year (for his contribution to promoting gender equality within his company): Michel Raffoul, arendt services.
Congratulations to all nominees and laureates who were all very inspiring!

Discover the photos from the event by clicking here or by checking our Photos section.


Video featuring Rachel Treece - 2012 Inspiring Woman of the Year in Entrepreneurship - Who inspires you?

Video from the Inspiring Wo-Men conference - dinner @ Cercle Munster, 10 May 2012


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Transmission en direct de nos évènements "Inspiring Wo-Men"

Pour la première fois et ceci pour assurer un maximum de visibilité aux gagnantes du trophée "Inspiring Woman of the Year 2012", la conférence - diner "Inspiring Wo-Men" du 10 mai prochain sera transmise en direct du Cercle Munster sur et d'autres sites que nous allons vous confirmer la semaine prochaine. Rejoignez-nous pour cette expérience unique!

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The recipients of the "Inspiring Woman of the Year" & Top Company for Gender Equity" Awards

The recipients of the "Inspiring Woman of the Year" & Top Company for Gender Equity" Awards with our patron, Viviane Reding, Vice President of the European Commission and Clara Moraru, founder of the Awards



Inspiring Wo-Men will be represented at the World Peace Forum, Schengen - 05.05.2012

Inspiring Wo-Men will be represented at the World Peace Forum on Saturday, May 5th: Women’s Conference “Women - Stability – Peace”
11 am “Girls need role models aside beauty contests and Hollywood- Empowering Women in Business Leadership” : Workshop with Clara Moraru (Romania), founder Inspiring Wo-Men


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‎"Inspirierende Frauen" - article in Luxemburger Wort, 10th March 2012



"Des femmes méritantes à l'honneur" - article in Letzebuerger Journal, 10th March 2012


Inspiring Woman of the Year and Top Company for Gender Equity awards

Inspiring Woman of the Year and Top Company for Gender Equity awards
Meet the women who inspire
Viviane Reding: “Gender equality remains a battlefield...I look forward to celebrating the victories yet to come.”
Photo gallery
Inspiring Woman of the Year and Top Company for Gender Equity awards     

Photo: Inspiring Woman of the Year 2012
Inspiring Woman of the Year 2012 winners

An Associate Professor who took Luxembourg's university to court was among a handful of inspiring women to be honoured at a ceremony marking International Women's Day.

Last year Gudrun Ziegler won her case against the higher education institution for wrongful termination of contract.

While she waits for the UL to take the steps for her reintegration at the university, her work leading a programme called Learning and Development in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts was recognised when she was crowned Inspiring Woman of the Year for her contributions to Science and Technology research.

The awards are the first-ever initiative to honour the best female role models in the country and were organised by Group Moraru sarl in partnership with ESSEC business school.

Altogether seven awards were issued to individuals and one to the Top Company for Gender Equality, which was bestowed to the Bank of New York Mellor. For full details on winners, read on.

The evening was a stirring show of solidarity as women and men gathered at the Hotel Royal to celebrate progress but also to encourage women to continue to achieve their full potential.

Viviane Reding did not disguise her disappointment at the lack of progress for gender equality made during the last 12 months. In a video speech relayed to guests, she mentioned a report which showed “almost no progress has been achieved since last year.”

In response the commissioner has launched a public consultation into the matter. “Gender equality remains a battlefield...I look forward to celebrating the victories yet to come,” she said.

Luxembourg City Mayor Xavier Bettel called for guests to draw strength in the progress made so far. He reminded them that 50 years ago women had to have permission from their husbands to open a bank account. He also called on the government to lead by example in encouraging more women to occupy board roles in departments.

Inspiring woman of the year winners by category:


Founder of creche group Rockids Fatima Rivas accepted this honour on behalf of her family. The family company was set up in 2003 and will soon boast nine creches around Luxembourg, some of which are open at weekends.
“Educating children the right way is the most important thing. I hope that's what I do,” she said.


Françoise Thoma was honoured for her inspiring leadership at BCEE Luxembourg.
“Leaders are leaders because they should dare to lead by example,” she said, adding: “My thanks go to my team because they are the sounding board of this award. Without them I wouldn't be standing here today. I'm so happy to work with them.”

Social and Community Service

Sophie Molitor of SOS Village d'Enfants du Monde was honoured for her work in helping the poorest children in the world. She said: “Children are the most important thing we have in the world. We must all do our best to help them, especially those who are most in need.”

Science and Technology research

University Associate Professor Gudrun Ziegler was recognised for her contributions at the university of Luxembourg. She said: “In the past women didn't really have access to education and therefore didn't really have access to leadership. Nowadays 60% of graduate students are women. The ten best of each year across disciplines are women. But in leadership roles in Science and Technology women represent just 12%. I wonder where these people go. I'm sure the future will be better.”


Creator of urban metal sculptures Florence Hoffmann received the Inspiring woman of the year award for her contributions to art. In her acceptance speech she described her role models in the world of art, which include among others Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. “The inspiration of a moment is worth the experience of a lifetime,” she said.

Corporate Business

Marie-Béatrice Noble was honoured for her inspiring contribution to the world of corporate business, which is traditionally dominated by men. Having lived in Luxembourg for 20 years, she set up law firm MNKS Luxembourg in 2004. Today, she co-leads a team of 60 people and five out of the company's six associates are women. “It's not what counts but, nevertheless, it's something to be proud of,” she said.


Rachel Treece was recognised for her work with recruiters and trainers at "fast recruitment" Luxembourg.
She said: “I'm a daughter, a wife, a mother and business woman and I think that these are the most important things in my life.”

Top Company for Gender Equity

The Bank of New York Mellon Luxembourg was given the ultimate accolade for its gender equity approach. Among senior management roles, 60% are occupied by women and a number of critical departments are run by women. Managing director Dave Micallef said: “What surprises me is the energy, compassion and creativity that comes from this group.”


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Documents à télécharger :

Luxemburger_Wort_EN_Meet the inspiring women_09032012.pdf

Photo of the recipients of the 2012 Inspiring Woman of the Year & Top Company for Gender Equity Awards



Inspiring Woman of the Year & Top Company for Gender Equity Awards - list of recipients 2012

Inspiring Woman of the Year in Education: Fatima Rivas (Kids and the City, Rockids)
Inspiring Woman of the Year in Finance: Françoise Thoma (BCEE)
Inspiring Woman of the Year in Corporate Business: Marie-Béatrice Noble (MNKS)
Inspiring Woman of the Year in Entrepreneurship: Rachel Treece (Fast)
Inspiring Woman of the Year in Social & Community service: Sophie Molitor (SOS Village d’Enfants Monde)
Inspiring Woman of the Year in Science, technologie & research: dr. Gudrun Ziegler
Inspiring Woman of the Year in Arts: Florence Hoffmann

Top Company for Gender Equity: Bank of New York Mellon Luxembourg

Congratulations to all, you're an inspiration!

Discover the message from our patron, Mrs. Viviane Reding, Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, on the occasion of the inaugural edition of the Awards, 8th of March 2012 on


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Made in Luxe - Des femmes d'exception - 17.01.2012

Pour progresser, une société a toujours besoin de leader. Et ce dernier ne doit pas forcément être un homme.
Si vous connaissez une femme qui inspire ses collègues et collaborateurs avec ses idées, son dynamisme et ses engagements,
Si cette dernière mérite une reconnaissance de la part de la part de la communauté afin qu'elle puisse inspirer encore plus de gens, n'hésitez pas à l'inscrire aux trophées "Inspiring Woman of the Year" et "Top Company for Gender Equity". Les inscriptions sont ouvertes sur jusqu'au 1er février.
La cérémonie de remise des trophées aura lieu le 8 mars, à l'occasion de la Journée Internationale de la Femme, au Cercle Municipal, Luxembourg.


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Inspiring Wo-Men: Ambassadors’ evening - 26.01.2011 @ Cercle Munster


The upcoming conference - dinner “Inspiring Wo-Men: Ambassadors’ evening” will offer you the opportunity to meet the Ambassadors based in Luxembourg and/or Brussels, and find out more about the challenges they have encountered in their careers.
Participations confirmed so far: HE Alice Walpole, Ambassador of the United Kingdom, HE Mihai Gribnicea, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldava, HE Philippe Guex, Ambassadorr of Switzerland, HE Robert A. Mandell, Ambassador of the United States, SE Hubertus von Morr, Ambassador of Germany, HE Luc Teirlinck, Ambassador of Belgium, HE Roxana Iftimie, Ambassador of Romania, HE Kart Celalettin, Turkish Ambassador..
When? 26th of January 2012 from 6.30 to 11.30 pm
Where? Cercle Munster, Luxembourg – Grund
Language used: the interventions will be either in English or in French, depending on the language each Ambassador will feel more confortable with.
R.S.V.P. by Monday 12th of January 2012 (subject to availability as seats are limited)
Participation fee: 70 EUR for members and 135 EUR non-members.
Payment in advance by bank transfer
Account no: Group Moraru sàrl - BGL BNP Paribas LU42 0030 6491 2434 0000.
Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of your payment.


Passa Parola - 07.10.2011

Inspiring woman of the year & top company for gender equity

7 ottobre // Dituttounpo', Femminile Plurale

Un trofeo che si propone di riconoscere l’importanza dei modelli che ispirano le donne, premiando  non solo quelle hanno raggiunto obiettivi important inella loro carriera ma che, allo stesso tempo, con la loro energia e il loro impegno ispirano comportamenti virtuosi e motivazioni alle donne più giovani.

“Per ispirare le giovani  verso determinati mestieri e professioni non sempre visibili e per dare riconoscenza pubblica alle donne che spesso rimangono nell’ombra”. Con queste parole Clara Morau, imprenditrice di lungo corso e fondatrice della Fédération des Femmes Cheffes d’Entreprises et de Femmes leader du Luxembourg aslb ha spiegato le ragioni di questo premio, lo scorso 29 settembre, presso il Cercle Munster a Luxembourg- Grund.

Insiping woman of the year è un premio che, nato sotto il patrocinio del deputato Xavier Bettel (DP), ha raccolto intorno a sé molti personaggi pubblici e membri della giuria come, tra gli altri, Viviane de Beaufort della ESSEC Business School, fondatrice del programma “Entreprendre au féminin” e “Woman Be Board Ready” , Isabella Leonarduzzi fondatrice e direttrice di JUMP Forum Belgio ( e Aude De Thuin, creatrice del Women’s Forum (

Le categorie del premio sono:



servizi sociali e comunitari


scienza, tecnologia e ricerca


piccole e medie imprese



L’iscrizione deve avvenire tramite un rappresentante ufficiale di associazioni, federazioni, club, imprese o poposte di un singoo. Le donne nominate devono vivere e lavorare a Lussemburgo e nella Grande Région. Le nomine sono visibili su internet al sito: dove tutti possono votare. I voti saranno divisi 50% tra il pubblico e 50% dalla giuria, composta da uomini e donne rappresentanti dell’economia, del settore imprenditoriale e dell’università..

Il Top Company for Gender Equity si propone di premiare una organizzazione che ha dimostrato risultati rimarchevoli rispetto l’equità di genere.

Entrambi i premi saranno assegnati durante una cerimonia che si terrà il giorno 8 marzo 2012 in presenza di Viviane Reding, vicepresidente della Commissione europea.

Per informazioni e candidature:




Link : ...


Modèles taille patron - Le Jeudi - 06.10.2011

Modèles taille patron

2011-10-06 17:00:00

Pour Clara Moraru (deuxième sur notre photo en partant de la droite), l'initiative permettra d'améliorer la représentativité des femmes dans la vie économique

L'idée: mettre en avant des modèles de réussite au féminin afin d'inspirer les jeunes générations.


Marc Fassone

Le trophée Inspiring Woman of the Year se propose de reconnaître l'importance des modèles qui inspirent et influencent les femmes en mettant à l'honneur les femmes qui non seulement ont réussi dans leur carrière mais inspirent autour d'elles avec leurs idées, leur énergie et leur engagement, ceci afin d'offrir inspiration et motivation aux plus jeunes, introduit Clara Moraru, à l'initiative du projet.
Un projet qui couronne d'une action commencée en 2009 par le lancement de l'initiative Women Leaders in Europe et l'organisation des conférences-dîners «Inspiring Women».
L'inspiration est au cœur de la démarche de Clara Moraru, qui croit dans le pouvoir des modèles. Et qui y voit un moyen d'améliorer la représentativité des femmes dans la vie économique.
Elle tient à préciser que son initiative n'est pas féministe. Au lieu de continuer à nous plaindre qu'il n'y ait pas suffisamment de femmes dans les top managements et les conseils d'administration et de chercher à imposer des quotas, il vaut mieux se concentrer à reconnaître, récompenser et rendre visibles les femmes qui ont réussi dans différents domaines d'activités, et faire ainsi avancer les choses de manière positive et constructive en montrant des modèles que tous peuvent suivre. Des modèles qui n'évoluent pas dans la sphère des people mais dans des activités concrètes, entreprenariat, science, finance, médias ou philanthropie.
Autre écueil que les organisateurs veulent éviter: celui du narcissisme. Si tout le monde a besoin d'une reconnaissance publique de ses compétences et réussites, les femmes sont généralement plus discrètes et plus modestes. Il n'est pas toujours évident de les convaincre de se mettre en avant.

vote public

Le trophée s'est alors imposé à ses yeux comme la manière de les inciter à le faire. De fait, on peut s'inscrire soi-même ou proposer la candidature d'une autre personne– sous réserve qu'elle ait donné son accord.
Seront récompensées les femmes modèles de la Grande Région dans huit catégories.
Les entreprises sont également de la partie. Le trophée Top Company for Gender Equity mettra à l'honneur celles ayant réussi l'équilibre entre hommes et femmes. «Ici, on regardera les pourcentages, pas les intentions.»
Les inscriptions sont ouvertes. jusquau 1er février sur le site Les votes du public y seront également recueillis dès aujourd'hui et jusqu'au 15 fevrier.
Le jury procédera aux votes entre le 15 février et le 1er mars. Le public et le jury se partageront 50% des voix chacun.
Palmarès le 8mars prochain.



Article Dulciné - Les femmes et entreprises qui inspirent seront récompensées

September 22nd, 2011


Link : ...

Participation of Clara Moraru at the Kuddel Muddel radio show : "Les femmes et le monde du travail"

September 15, 2011

Schifflange, Luxembourg


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Ziarul Zona Tecuci - "Clara Moraru si Women Leaders in Europe - September 13, 2011

La iniţiativa   WOMEN LEADERS IN EUROPE , a cărui fondator şi lider este tecuceanca CLARA MORARU , artiştii,  studenţii sau/şi femeile din România, şi in special din Tecuci , sunt invitaţi/e  a proiecta un trofeu care va fi acordat caştigatorilor Concursului  ”Inspiră femeia a anului” . Desenele sau modele pot fi depuse în orice format ( de la modele foarte detaliate ,digitale , desene schematice sau chiar fotografii mai mici ale unui prototip).

Persoana a carui proiect va fi selectat ca fiind  câştigător ,alături de popularitatea de care se va bucura în întreaga lume ,atât în presa cât şi la televiziuni, va fi recompensat şi financiar, premiul constând în bani, respectiv  1500 EUR.În plus, câştigătorul va primi, de asemenea, bilete VIP la “Femeia Inspiră a Anului” îin cadrul Galei de decernare a Premiilor . „Femeia Inspira a Anului” joacă un rol esenţial în recunoaşterea importanţei vitale a modelelor de rol ,care servesc pentru a inspira şi influenţa femeile.

„Femeia Inspiră a Anului” se adresează deasemeni mai multor categorii de persoane  cu activităţi în domeniul  finanţelor, în educatie şi arte ,în lumea afacerilor, în domeniul social şi a activitaţilor neremunerate în folosul comunitaţii, îin mass media, în stiinţa ,tehnologie şi cercetare, îin antreprenoriat.

Joi 29 septembrie 2011,orele 18.30 , la “Cercle Munster”  din Luxembourg va avea loc Conferinţa “Inspiring women” .
Această seară specială va fi o oportunitate unică de a descoperi trei femei extraordinare :
- Aude de Thuin, fondator al Forumului femeilor şi Forumul francez, Franţa ( (discurs în limba franceză),
- Jacqueline Hugues – Lundy, fondator al “Inspirand Femei” Awards, Marea Britanie ( (discurs în limba engleză), şi
- Isabella Lenarduzzi, fondator şi director general al forum Mergi, Belgia ( (discurs în limba franceză / engleză).

Pentru mai multe informaţii vizitaţi sau la adresa de e-mail .

Un alt proiect de amploare pe care Clara Moraru il pune la dispozitia femeilor din Tecuci dar şi din judetul Galaţi, îl reprezintă  ”Antreprenoriatul la feminin”, proiect care va fi lansat în septembrie la Bucuresti şi care se adresează femeilor cu spirit antreprenorial. Participarea la programul pilot este gratuită, se adresează femeilor cu varste cuprinse între 18-64 de ani , cunoştinţe elementare de limba engleză .Informaţiile pot fi gasite ţi pe site-ul ESSEC Romania la urmatoarea adresă: Informaţii şi detalii puteţi obţine şi de la



Link : ...

“Inspiring women” conference dinner & Launching of the "Inspiring woman of the year" Award


Our next “Inspiring women” conference - dinner will take place on Thursday, 29th of September 2011 from 6.30 pm on at the exclusive "Cercle Munster" Luxembourg (
This special evening will be a unique opportunity to discover three extraordinary women whose work helps our communities take into account women’s vision: 
- Aude de Thuin, founder of Women’s Forum and the French Forum, France ( (speech in French),
- Jacqueline Hugues – Lundy, founder of “Inspiring Women” Awards, UK ( (speech in English), and
- Isabella Lenarduzzi, founder and managing director of JUMP Forum, Belgium ( (speech in French/English).
The launching of the "Inspiring woman of the year" & Top Company for Gender Equity Awards will take place from 5.30 to 6.30 pm. and will be followed by a cocktail.

R.S.V.P. by Tuesday 22nd of September 2011
E-mail :
Participation fee: 135 EUR for non members | 70 EUR for members |
Payment in advance by bank transfer
Account no: Group Moraru sàrl - BGL BNP Paribas LU42 0030 6491 2434 0000.
Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of your registration and payment.
No show policy.
A no-show policy will be enforced - that is, if you register but do not attend, there will be a penalty charge for the total amount. If your plans change and you cannot attend, please cancel until 12:00 (noon) the Friday before the conference – 23rd of September, or you may have a colleague attend in your place. 


Appel aux artistes

Appel aux artistes: créez le trophée qui sera attribué à la femme la plus inspirante de la Grande Région!

L'initiative Women Leaders in Europe est à la recherche d'artistes et d'étudiants créatifs pour réaliser le trophée qui sera attribué aux gagnantes de "Inspiring woman of the year" Award qui aura lieu le 8 mars 2012. 

Cet événement a été créé pour inspirer et motiver toutes les femmes à développer leur carrière professionnelle, en attirant leur attention à celles qui ont déjà réussi et qui ont déjà inspiré leurs collègues et collaborateurs grâce à leurs idées, comportement et engagement. 

L'award "Inspiring Woman of the Year" sera decerné aux femmes de la Grande Région dans plusieurs catégories: 

  • finance
  • éducation et arts
  • monde de l'entreprise
  • services sociaux et communautaires
  • médias
  • sciences, technologies et recherche
  • L'entrepreneuse de l'année

 Un montant de 1500 € sera offert à la personne qui présentera le meilleur projet du design du trophée. À part cela, elle verra son oeuvre dans les médias internationaux, grâce à une large couverture médiatique de l'événement, et elle pourra elle-même rencontrer les femmes les plus inspirantes du Luxembourg, de France, de Belgique et d'Allemagne lors de la soirée gala du 8 mars 2012. 

Les projets du trophée (sous forme de dessins numériques, croquis ou même photos du prototype) sont à adresser avant le 1er semptembre 2011 8 heures du matin à l'initiative Women Leaders in Europe, soit au format électronique à, soit par la voie postale à l'adresse suivante: 

Women Leaders in Europe

initiative du Group Moraru sàrl

6, rue Marguerite de Brabant

L-1254 Luxembourg

Plus d'infos sur


Link : ...

Radio Tecuci - 18.07.2011

Clara Moraru revine cu vesti bune pentru femeile din Tecuci prin intermediul postului de radio

Tecuceanca Clara Moraru, prima Presedinta a Femeilor Lidere din Luxemburg, revine in viata orasului ori de cate ori are ocazia.
Pana acum ,Clara Moraru a ajutat cu bani 20 de familii care au avut de suferit in urma inundatiilor din 2007,a donat carti Bibliotecii municipale, calculatoare la Spiru Haret si Ovid Caledoniu si 30 de pachete cu ajutoare pentru nevoiasi .
In plus, Bursa Clara Moraru este oferita celor mai buni elevi pe baza rezultatelor obtinute la olimpiadele nationale si internationale.
De data aceasta ,Clara Moraru vine cu un program care se adreseaza si femeilor din Tecuci: ”Antreprenoriatul la feminin”, proiect care va fi lansat in septembrie la Bucuresti si care se adreseaza femeilor cu spirit antreprenorial.
Participarea la programul pilot este gratuita,se adreseaza femeilor cu varste cuprinse intre 18-64 de ani , cunostinte elementare de limba engleza .

Informatiile pot fi gasite si pe site-ul ESSEC Romania la urmatoarea adresa:

Informatii si detalii puteti obtine si de la

Femeile care doresc sa se inscrie in acest program Antreprenorial ,trebuie sa trimita pana in data de 16 septembrie 2011 , la adresa de mail mentionata mai sus un CV cu fotografie + plic + formularul completat ( se gaseste pe site-ul amintit).
VN:D [1.9.6_1107]



Link : ...

Luxemburger Wort - 02.07.2011

Symposium im Cercle Munster

Umdenken ohne Quote
„Women Leaders in Europe“ fördern Frauen in Führungspositionen
Seit zwei Jahren setzt sich die Initiative „Women Leaders in Europe“ von Clara Moraru
dafür ein, erfolgreiche Business-Entscheiderinnen in Luxemburg sichtbar zu machen.
Am Freitag organisierte die Initiative, gemeinsam mit der Essec Business School, ein Symposium im Cercle Munster über „Frauen, die inspirieren“. Knapp dreißig Vertreterinnen aus dem Luxemburger Wirtschaftsleben nahmen daran Teil und konnten mit anderen weiblichen Führungspersönlichkeiten ihre Erfahrungen austauschen.
„Wir wollen erfolgreiche Entscheiderinnen in den Vordergrund stellen, damit sie als Vorbild für junge Unternehmerinnen und andere Frauen in Führungspositionen dienen können“, erklärt Clara Moraru. Sie hat im Rahmen ihrer Initiative in den vergangenen zwei Jahren zwei Bücher über erfolgreiche Luxemburgerinnen und Frauen aus der Großregion veröffentlicht.
Im kommenden März verleiht „Women Leaders“ einen Preis an die erfolgreichsten Frauen im Großherzogtum, in den Kategorien Finanzen, Sozialwesen, Medien, sowie unter anderem Wissenschaft und Kunst. Bei der gestrigen Konferenz hatten die Teilnehmerinnen die Gelegenheit, sich mit der ehemaligen belgischen Politikerin und Unternehmerin Michèle Detaille auszutauschen, sowie mit der französischen Professorin Viviane de Beaufort und Viviane Neiter, Mitglied in mehreren Verwaltungsräten.
Richtiges Coaching
Michèle Detaille sprach sich dabei gegen gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Quotenregelungen in Verwaltungsräten
aus. „Sie schränken die Freiheiten der Aktionäre zu sehr ein“, sagte Detaille. Frauen sollten
den Weg zu den Verwaltungsräten, sowie zum Top Management auf ganz natürliche Art und Weise finden.
Für Viviane de Beaufort liegt die Herausforderung darin, Frauen, die Führungspositionen anstreben,
richtig zu coachen. „Sie müssen lernen, mehr Vertrauen in sich selbst und in ihre Fähigkeiten
zu haben“, so die Professorin der Essec Business School. „Frauen auf Führungsposten verfügen über
eine überaus hohe Kompetenz, doch es fehlt ihnen oft am nötigen Selbstvertrauen.“ Viviane de Beaufort rät ihnen, sich nicht zu verstellen und die alten Modelle nicht nachzuahmen, sondern frischen Wind in die Führungsposten zu bringen. „Frauen nehmen in den Verwaltungsräten oft eine Vermittlerrolle ein“, berichtete Viviane Neiter aus eigener Erfahrung.
Darüber hinaus würden sie einen hohen Menschlichkeitsfaktor in die Räte miteinbringen.
Luxemburger Wort
Samstag, den 2. J


Link :

Documents à télécharger :


Merkur - 28.07.2011 - 8ème édition de la conférence "Inspiring women"

Group Moraru sàrl à travers son initiative RSE «Women Leaders in Europe» a récemment organisé en partenariat avec ESSEC Business School la 8e édition de la conférence «Inspiring women» suivie par le symposium «Madame l’Administrateur». Lancé en 2009, le concept des conférences «Inspiring women» est de donner la parole à des femmes, dont la réussite professionnelle est incontestable et qui représentent des modèles qui puissent inspirer d’autres personnes. Pas moins de 19 femmes remarquables issues du monde de l’entreprise, de la diplomatie et du secteur associatif ont ainsi déjà été mises à l’honneur.
Deux invitées d’honneur, Michèle Detaille, Managing Director de No-Nail Boxes et administrateur FEDIL Business Federation Luxembourg et Sonia Biraschi, General Manager et membre du Comité de Direction de la banque State Street ont fait part de leur parcours vers la réussite professionnelle.
Le symposium «Madame l’Administrateur» a fait intervenir deux femmes sur des questions liées à la gouvernance d’entreprise: Viviane de Beaufort, professeur de droit européen des affaires à la prestigieuse école d’affaires ESSEC, membre du Club Recherche de l’IFA, membre de l’European Corporate Governance Institute, fondatrice des programmes «Women be European board ready» et «Entreprendre au féminin», et Viviane Neiter, administratrice de sociétés cotées et non cotées en France, membre de divers groupes de travail à l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers et fondatrice du cabinet Neiter Consulting.
La prochaine conférence «Inspiring women» aura lieu le 29 septembre prochain avec trois nouvelles invitées: Aude de Thuin, fondatrice du Women’s Forum (France), Isabella Lenarduzzi, fondatrice et managing director du Forum JUMP pour l’avancement des femmes dans leur carrières (Belgique) et Jacqueline Hughes – Lundy, fondatrice des trophées «Inspiring Women» (Royaume Uni).


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Conférence "Femmes qui inspirent" + symposium "Mme l'Administrateur" en partenariat avec ESSEC Business School

Les photos de la journée organisée avec l'ESSEC vendredi le 1er juillet sont disponibles sur notre site:

Découvrez l'article publié le 05.07.2011 par notre partenaire média, Dulciné, sur le symposium organisé vendredi passé en partenariat avec ESSEC Business School.

Découvrez également l'article publié sur le 05.07.2011


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Comment améliorer la représentativité des femmes dans les instances dirigeantes des entreprises?

Clara Moraru répond à la question de Paperjam "Comment améliorer la représentativité des femmes dans les instances dirigeantes?"

Lisez ici sa réponse


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Supporting education in Tecuci, Romania

100 computers just reached yesterday, 24th May 2011, two schools in Tecuci: 50 for Spiru Haret College and 50 for Ovid Caledoniu school, and 30 boxes with winter and summer items. On behalf of the children who will be using them, many thanks to our donors:
Foyer Groupe, Agrilux and Cargolux! Photos will come shortly.


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Announcement of the winners of the 2011 Clara Moraru scholarship

We are very pleased to announce the winners of this year Clara Moraru scholarship: Laura Arhire (class VIII A), Cătălina Dochiţa (class VIII A) and Gianina Druţă (class XII E), all from Tecuci Spiru Haret College, Romania. They were fanstastic during the school year and also at the Romanian national student competitions. We note an extraordinary performance as Gianina Druta is a winner for the second year!

Congratulations to these three highly talented, perseverent and motivated young women, please continue to shine!

The necessary details will be communicated to the winners by professor Rodica Cristovici, adjunct director of Tecuci Spiru Haret College.


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